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Denmark Arts' vision is to be a beacon of excellence in fostering regional community arts practice and providing an environment where creativity can flourish:

  • To provide a service initiating, encouraging, inspiring, promoting, valuing and supporting the development of a diverse range of arts and cultural activity within Denmark and the Great Southern.

  • To establish a creative arts hub centred within Denmark, which acts to nurture and inspire artistic exchange within and beyond the community.

  • To assist people in Denmark and surrounding areas to recognise and move towards their full creative potential as individuals and communities.

Denmark Arts is funded by the State Government through Regional Arts WA; and the Shire of Denmark and has been an important and vibrant part of the community for 40 years. 

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Annual Report


Strategic Plan

The Team 


Abbie Pedersen

Programs & Publicity 

Saira Spencer

First Nation Producer

Ruth Maddren

Administrative Officer 

Justine Gamblin 

Youth Committee Coordinator

Darshan Clark 

The Board


Louise Cato

Vice Chairperson

Mary-Ellen Cliff


Barbara Helsby



Duncan Monro

Board Director
Brad McDougall

Board Director
Paul Moncrieff



Denmark Arts is committed to operating according to the principles of good governance; being transparent in decision making, accountable and for operating with fairness ensuring equity is maintained for all stakeholders, members and the general public who engage with our organisation.

Denmark Arts Council's Constitution can be downloaded here.

Conflict of Interest

Denmark Arts has a policy in place which outlines our approach to managing conflicts of interest for staff, volunteers and contractors.

Denmark Arts Council's Conflict of Interest Policy can be downloaded here

Code of Conduct

Denmark Arts has a policy in place which outlines our expectations that all staff, contractors and volunteers conduct themselves in a professional manner when representing Denmark Arts.

Denmark Arts Council's Code of Conduct can be downloaded here

Work Health and Safety

Denmark Arts ensures that its workplace and all programs are delivered according to WA Health and Safety laws and that all staff, volunteers, contractors and members of the public are aware of our policies and safe working practices.

Denmark Arts Council's Work Health and Safety Policy can be downloaded here

Child and Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy

Denmark Arts has a policy in place to ensure the safeguarding of children and vulnerable persons at Denmark Arts.

Denmark Arts Council's child and vulnerable persons safeguarding policy can be downloaded here

Confidential Submission

This form is used to submit a concern or suspicion about any individual or situation that you may have witnessed or become aware of where you believe the safety or welfare of children or vulnerable persons involved in any program or activity run by or through Denmark Arts has been compromised.

This form can also be used to raise concerns where you feel that the safety or welfare of any individual involved in Denmark Arts has been compromised - this may include risks to physical and psychological safety.


This form is also used to submit a concern or make a report about any health and safety issue that you have identified in relation to any programs or activities taking place at Denmark Arts or our facilities.

Our Sponsors

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