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The story of Denmark Arts spans over 4 decades and presenting the full story within the pages of a single publication has not been possible and we recognise that there are many many more unsung heroes that should be recognised.

We would therefore like to thank, acknowledge and pay our respects to the following individuals past and present who have contributed to the life and evolution of Denmark Arts. We acknowledge that everything we do going forward builds on the legacy of the past and that we are standing on the shoulders of many giants.

Andy Ducker  |  Andre Steyl  | Marlene O'Dea | Paul Doquile | Avril Steyl  |  Peter Keelan

Cecille Williams | Clayton Chipper | Fatt Matt | Gemma Pepper | Vivienne Robertson | Annette Carmichael | Simon NevilleValeska Wood | Andy BrownAnne Pedro |

Dwayne Peppin | Lochie McDonald | Tim Dunn | David Nile | Joe Williams | Sally Haigh Marianthe LoucatarisKira Schimmelpfennig | Donald Clarke | Jeremy Jongsma |

Sofie LinesNari Lees Sian Phillips Glen Hayden | Miles Mitchell | Deb Elvin | Kerry Leahy

Individuals are listed in no particular order and we expect that this list is not exhaustive.

If you know of any names of individuals that are missing and should be added,  please contact us on and we will add them to the list.

Heart of the Community is a new publication by Regional Arts WA which shines a spotlight on the unsung heroes who harness the power of the arts to inspire, celebrate and connect their local towns.

This collection of stories is centred around 15 prominent regional arts organisations, including Denmark Arts, and pays homage to those heroes.

To download Heart of the Community as a pdf - just click on the Read Now box and download from the icon on the bottom right.

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