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Denmark Festival of Voice celebrates its 21st year and to mark this achievement, the program is directing focus to the many elements that make up a voice. 


It is the voice that can sound a little fragile, ethereal, elusive, or impractical but don't loose 'sound' of whose voice it is.... yours maybe?


Voice, simply put, is the person behind the words and sounds that speaks, sings, converses. We tend to focus on receiving/listening to the voice, or how what is said makes us feel. What about hearing truths, what about feeling emotions?

Festival of voice will deliver joy, laughter, truths, sorrow, astonishment and maybe give you goosebumps.  


BOYD STOKES: Blue Sky Album Launch 
Men of the West  The Wayward Earls present Heritage Voices 

Charlie's Flat  THE BIG SING  
Kim Scott & Wirlomin Noongar Language & Stories  
Paul Mitchell & Simon Mason: My Coffin Lid, My Shield  
Tohu * A History of the Blues  These Ships  SANDCASTLE  
Menagerie Choir XOX in Denmark  Eduardo Cossio & Sage Pbbbt  
David Rastrick’s JAZZTRIX: Your Voice in Jazz  The Baden Street Singers  
Suns Of Sound  The 6 Triple 3  Alan Fyfe: Tales of the Peel Region  Psykeltia  
Lentle Joops  Eklektika  Playlist Choir  Teacup Weather  
Renee Pettitt-Schipp The Archipelago of Us  Sing for Joy  
When Birds Take Flight  Gok-Lim Finch  Sabrina Ives  Dal Jones 

Julia Anwar  
Barbara Schmidt: Sound Healing  
Liz Jack & Friends  Songsmiths – Peter Hill & Kevin Jones  
Denmark Bhakti Band  Catch Music Showcase  Act Belong Commit Youth Stage:
Sandon Philips [solo] Evie & Poppy  Maya Davey Lehmann  Charli Grok Duo  WAAPA  
Denmark TAFE  Kwoorabup Nature School  
Denmark SHS Choir and IMSS Voice Students

The Denmark Festival of Voice is not your average music festival. Held in the beautiful south coastal town of Denmark, Western Australia, the festival is one of only two dedicated vocal festivals in Australia. The festival explores diversity, celebrating voices from near and far and those from the edge. Music is only one part of the program alongside storytelling, spoken word, poetry and experimental performance. 

Denmark Festival of Voice 2023 artwork by Nathan Viney 

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