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Denmark Arts aims to be inclusive and representative of the community we live in. We welcome members of all ages from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds. Members have an important role in helping to set and drive the creative programs and artistic vision of Denmark Arts and also play an important practical role in making sure the ArtsHouse is a welcoming and well-looked after community arts hub.




  • Six member-only events at the Artshouse each year

  • Access to the Artshouse lounge and guest Wi-Fi between 11am and 3pm Tuesday to Friday for creative work, collaborative discussions and meetings 

  • Discounts on all tickets for public programs 

  • Venue, gallery, accommodation and equipment hire

  • Eligible to apply for in-kind support

  • Eligible to be a presenting artist at Brave New Works Festival

  • Advertise your arts related event/workshop/class or services in our e-news and member communications

  • Have a voice in the activities and direction of Denmark Arts such as voting at the AGM and other key issues

  • Members Notice Group - communicate and advertise your events in our monthly E-news and on our notice board

  • Children aged under 11 that you are responsible for are automatically included in your adult membership

  • Ordinary Youth Members have a voice in the activities and direction of Denmark Arts (such as being part of the Youth Advisory Group, voting at the AGM or being a youth advisor to the Board of Governance)


2023/24 Membership

  • Cash Member

    Become a cash member for 2023-2024
    Valid for one year
  • 50/50 Membership

    Contribute 3.5 hours of your time and $125 cash for 23/24
    Valid for one year
  • 70/30 Membership

    Contribute 5 hours of your time and $70 cash for 23/24
    Valid for one year
  • Contribution Member

    Contribute 7 hours of your time or skills in 2023-24
    Valid for one year
  • Youth Membership

    Youth aged 11-18
    Valid for one year
  • Patron Member

    Every year
    Make a recurring (tax deductable) donation to Denmark Arts
  • Organization Membership

    Valid for one year

*Please note the 2023/24 Membership is valid until the 30th June 2024



  • Cash Membership: $250 per year

  • Contributor Membership:
    7 hours of your skills or labour per year to support programs and activities

  • 50/50 Membership: $125 and 3.5 hours of your skills or labour per year

  • 70/30 Membership: $70 and 5 hours of your skills or labour per year

* All memberships are valid for one year. A new membership will begin on the 1st July every year.



Associate Membership for ages 12 - 18: $10
Children under 11 are free with any adult membership

WOW-Nic-Duncan-BNW-027-web copy.jpg


Incorporated Not for Profits and community service organisations: $500 per year
Equivalent exchange of services to the same value - please discuss with the team if you wish to organise an exchange


image: Andre Steyl by Nic Duncan


Honorary Life Memberships play an important role in honouring our Arts and Cultural Elders. Life Memberships are therefore conferred on individuals who are widely acknowledged to have made a significant and sustained contribution to the arts in Denmark over a minimum of ten years.

Nominations for life membership are invited from and voted for by members from time to time. A maximum of one Associate Life Membership will be conferred each year.


 Andre Steyl was officially awarded Life Membership in 2022

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