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Live concert at the Artshouse | Sun 2 Aug, 6.30 PM

Wayward, a bit squeaky-wheeled, dusty and crusty with the passage of time and fortune; the “earls” revel in sparkling ragtime, jug band blues, vintage jazz and many a monochrome musical gem of yesteryear. Dubiously delivered with uncontrolled backfiring and clouds of blue smoke, these venerable musicians still emit an authentic and gramophonic sound that gets you toe-tapping and grinning to joyful melodies all wrapped in a dusty vest and a gold-tooth grin. Described by Vague Magazine as “pulsating, rhythmic and enduring”, their music is quite good as well.

Wine & Chai available for purchase. No BYO.

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Live at Denmark Civic entre | Fri 7 Aug, 10 PM

Steve Hensby Band are splitting at the seams with an assault to the musical senses with elements of funk, soul, ska, world, a sprinkle of psychedelia and a dash of folk. The 8-piece ensemble features a healthy sized horn section and is very danceable!

‘Modern Music For Modern People’ is a concept album about Mista Twista and his interactions in the world in 2020. He is a quirky man who enjoys the quiet life working in his barbershop and has brilliant stories to tell of his adventures and travels. In Act 1 he is transformed from barber to celebrity when his band hits the big time only to fins himself surrounded by the perils of modern life – the internet, selfies and politicians. After a brief intermission…… Act 2 begins – he starts feeling the pressure of modern life but aside from that, the oceans start rising and Armageddon strikes the world. At the end of the album the only two people left on the earth is Mista Twista and his lover all alone serenading each other trying to survive to live to fight another day.

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A free talk on why stories work and how they can help us.

Talk at the Artshouse | Wed 12th Aug 6-7pm. Free

Right at this moment there are probably three people in your life who need a story more than they need vitamins or counselling.  You may be one of them. The right story at the right time is like a potent injection of health. Drawing on key motifs from stories past and present, Horst Kornberger will show how they can align individuals and communities through the healing power of images. Horst will address the need for contemporary story events that enable communities to realise their potential.


An introduction to story creation

Workshop at the Artshouse | Sunday 16th August 9am – 4pm. 

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In this one-day workshop creative duo Horst Kornberger and Jennifer Kornberger will lead you into the first stages of imaginative story making. We will encounter stories as living forms, exploring ways to seed the mind with images and bring them into coherent patterns of growth. We will experiment with story writing in community, harvesting the potential of the group to attract a collective muse. 

HORST KORNBERGER is an interdisciplinary writer, educator and director. He is a co-founder of theWriting Connection and Theatre of the Sea and the author of The Power of Stories, The Writer’s PassageGlobal Hive – bee crisis and compassionate ecology, The Delphi Project, and Taliesin – recovering the poetic self. More information at www.thetheatreofthesea.net and www.horstkornberger.com   


JENNIFER KORNBERGER is a writer and artist whose practice spans publication, performance installation and public art works. As co-director of Theatre of the Sea, Jennifer has initiated installation projects, notably 22 Pillars (Fremantle Biennale 2017); and the international collaboration Somnus (Fremantle Biennale 2019). More information at www.jenniferkornberger.com  and www.theatreofthesea.net




Congratulations to Renee Pettit-Schipp, the winner of our Inaugural Fellowship! Also to Linda Bradbury and Patricia Gill – shortlisted.

Renee’s work describes the journey of a former resident returning to Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands, trying to come to terms with her experiences  (including her work with asylum seekers) to make sense of the way her life has changed.

In 2019, Renee’s debut poetry collection won the WA Premier’s Literary Award and the Curtin Postgraduate Work of the Year. The collection was also shortlisted for the Dorothy Hewett manuscript prize and the 2019 CHASS Australia Prize for Postgraduates.


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