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The Rhythms of Life Project has been LAUNCHED!! and is heading towards this years Brave New Works.

bnw#21 Rhthms of Life Workshop

Brave New Works #21  presented by Act-Belong-Commit



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RHYTHMS OF LIFE - Project & workshops

This community project is about bringing to light the life stories of elderly people from our community, and presenting them as a piece of community music theatre, which has at its core the knowledge, stories and wisdom of these people. Their stories will inspire a ‘rhythm’ or ‘rhythmic cycle’, which will generate the instrumentation to represent their life, and a musical score to underpin their story. This material will be presented as a multi-artform performance piece, including live music, audio, video, photography and visual design, as the major performance for this years Brave New Works Festival.

Bringing together the community is the main focus of this project and we are starting on 9th August with a series of public workshops in Rhythm-Percussion-Drumming led by Peter Keelan, Olly Watkins and James Gentle; and Filmmaking, Interview and Sound Recording led by Tim Maisey, Graham Bishop and Peter Keelan.

The public workshops are open to everyone, will be great fun, and a wonderful way to scare away the winter blues, learning Brazilian and African rhythms, vocal and body percussion and junk percussion. For participants of these workshops there will also be the opportunity to be part of the music making for the two Brave New Works performances on 8 November, at the Civic Centre.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Get to know more about the workshops here

If you would like to become involved in any way, as a musician, volunteer or filmmaker, please contact the projects’ Artistic Director Peter Keelan on 0898409674 or 0427798438 or email peter@peterkeelan.com.au.

For workshops' bookings please contact us on 98483623 (Tuesday and Thursday 10am to 4pm) or by email : admin@denmarkarts.com.au

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