Welcome To Brightside

Is it fake news, propaganda, disinformation, misinformation or just altered reality? Find the real truth. Join Brightside, we want:  More money!, Less waste!,  A clean environment! Healthy children! We recognize the need to be aggressive, while proceeding cautiously. Ask not what your truth can do for us, but what your truth can do for our lifestyle. The rest doesn’t matter.

Join Terence Smith and Deb Edmondson in an entertaining devised collaboration that explores the truth about what they think they know about theatre and politics. Terence and Deb have been creating theatre together in one form or another for 11 years. They have received critical acclaim from small and deeply disturbed audiences with “The Bear Dance” and “What’s in Emily’s shoe?”

Saturday 3 Nov at 7pm at Artshouse

Tickets $10