WATERWAYS…For the past 15 years my family and I have been living in Denmark. We have spent many hours enjoying the wonderful natural places, particularly the waterways like Greenspool, Lights Beach and the Denmark River and Inlet, that make Denmark special. Swimming, canoeing, surfing, snorkelling, walking and playing in and around its magnificent waterways are activities that have enriched our family life.

My 15 year old son Marlu and I have been working together on a project involving film and dance which reflect our time around these waterways. This is an ongoing exercise which will have its first presentation at BNWs 2017. We plan to continue to develop this concept into next year to progress towards an community involved project for a future BNWs.

This seeding phase of the project development has been focused on using the technology available to us, our iPhones, to their capacity. Playing with macro shots in particular, that reflects and appreciates a child’s point of view. Building a dance language focused on small phrases that mimic, much like a child and mirror the daily movements of family life. And finding a somatic based sense of colour and sound that imbues the entirety of the work in a seesaw, seasonal state of ebb and flow.

Parenting is a cacophony of extremes from such love and contentment to a rather uncomfortable sense of frustration and maybe even on occasion, waves of feeling completely over-whelmed. Waterways is trying to navigate this contrast, casting a glimpse into the shifting moods and sensitivities of a family’s migration together, echoed in the tidal journey of Denmark waters.