Spindle of Spoken Story

Thurs 31 Oct 7.30p
Sat 2 Nov 11am
Sun 3 Nov 11am
Sun 3 Nov 7.30pm
The Sanctuary (South Coast Hwy, between the town bridge and TAFE)
Over 18’s $15, Under 18’s $8


As the wheel turns, so the stories spin, ancient magic rewoven into modern lives and landscapes.

A group of local emerging oral storytellers offers a feast of both traditional and original fairytales and myths. In the land of story, a young girl might learn how to fly with bluebirds, the moon might drown, a seal might shed its skin and walk amongst humans, and a forest dweller might face the battle of his life against evil rock trolls.

Join us in Denmark’s Sanctuary by the river for 4 shows over the BNW weekend,  beginning with spooky tales by firelight on Halloween night. For adults and children.

Facilitated by Silvia Lehmann and Nicola-Jane le Breton