Poetree in your Pocket

As part of the Denmark Arts Online Market Easter Saturday we are pleased to present….

Poetree In Your Pocket 

tastes & poems & stories & tales

from writers in the region read to you, with love, by Linda Bradbury & Christina Cairns

Throughout the day listen at your leisure – audio snippets for you to listen to: while you walk, wash dishes, sit by the river, look out the window, with your eyes shut in bed, on the couch, under a tree …

Listen below or via the Facebook event page.

Linda Bradbury: Love letter to 2120

A beautiful meditation on the present, a love letter carrying today into tomorrow, one hundred years.
© Linda Bradbury

Love Letters to the Future

This beautiful recorded piece by Linda Bradbury is part of a bigger project created by Jennie Newman and Tim Dunn.

You can be part of it! Read a message from the creators below!

In these uncertain times, it is easy to give in … “to say what could I do?”

We ask you to take the time to write/record/film a love letter to the future one of hope and grand vision.

This project has been simmering for sometime and now more than ever we believe it is time to listen to our community.

We will collate them and reflect them back to you, the community.

Send it to lovelettertothefuture@gmail.com

Your Identity is private (unless you state otherwise)  yet a public project, you agree for us to publish your letters.

Tim Dunn and Jennie Newman

Christina Cairns : Snow White to the Woodsman

Imagine if Snow White’s heart wasn’t only saved by the Woodsman, but won by him too. But a Princess must marry a Prince, must she not, no matter who holds her heart?

A love letter to a simple man from a woman who knows they can never be together. A narrative poem that asks ‘what if’ the story we think we know isn’t quite what really happened.

© Christina Cairns 2009/2020
Image – Hand made booklet ‘Snow White to the Woodsman – An Illustrated Poem’. Written and illustrated by Christina Cairns

Renee Petitt-Schipp – Redtails

A beautiful poem by award winning Western Australian poet, Renee Pettitt-Schipp. More of Renee’s work can be found here:

Illustration: Red Tail Cockatoo © Elizabeth Edmonds

Christina Cairns : The Talesingr’s Children

A short story about an ancient storyteller who has lost the ability to speak the tales within her.

An original tale, from the ‘Talesingr’s Children’ Collection. © Christina Cairns

Image – Hand made Talesingr puppet, with two ‘Talesingr’s Children’ wood/cloth story hangers. Created by Christina Cairns.

Linda Bradbury – this mother this country knows

safe under the blossoming top
of this more than 300 year old Marri
sheltering home

each season when souwesterleys
bring coastal gales and tempests
over and around the space she holds

ferocious air is tumbled into chaos
inspiring karris downhill
into an alarming seaweed dance

she is considerate
sheds small branches
moulting continuously
storms clear her tangles

black cockatoos have been pelting
munched honkynuts
from these branches

for oh so much
longer than white
feet have walked this way

Find out more about the Creators

You can check out Christina Cairn’s Facebook page here or her Soundcloud page here.

Linda Bradbury also did a lovely project for BNW last year here.

More of Renee’s work can be found here.

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