Impact 33: Creative Denmark

Impact 33: Creative Denmark is an exciting new initiative that was launched at the official opening of the Artshouse on the evening of 2 December 2017.

 The aim of this initiative is to harness the power of the many to make a real difference to Denmark’s creative reach, capacity and economic return.

The catalyst of this initiative was born out of the urgent need to match the Creative Partnerships Australia Plus 1 grant. What this means is that in the first year of the initiative funds raised will go towards matching our grant dollar for dollar so we can double our fundraising efforts. However, this is merely the first stage in what we hope will be an ongoing and self-sustainable initiative.

In the long term Denmark Arts envisages that the members of Impact 33: Creative Denmark will play a key role in shaping Denmark’s creative landscape by directly contributing to creative endeavours in the town.

Although we’ll be approaching people throughout the community to become members, we also want people who are interested to approach us. We know there are people out there who have the vision and means to help us, but we don’t necessarily know who they are.

Read the statements below and if you agree with two or more of them then we think Impact 33 is something you’ll really enjoy being involved in.

  • I want our town to grow and flourish.
  • I believe creativity contributes to the health, well-being and livability of our town.
  • I settled in Denmark because it has a rich and vibrant creative community.
  • I would like to contribute to our town’s creative future.
  • Raising the town’s profile as a creative hub will bring more visitors to our town.
  • Creating opportunities for community members to express themselves and gain a range of skills is really important.
  • I would like to have some fun supporting something I believe in.

Impact 33 is an opportunity to develop a network that is longer than the term of our Plus 1 grant and broader in its impact than Denmark Festival of Voice.   It is an opportunity to ensure Denmark becomes a household name as one of our nation’s cultural hubs.