El Amor Festival Club

Friday 1 Nov 8pm-midnight
Artshouse (2A Strickland Street)

Delicious food and drinks available at the venue

Evenings Schedule:
8:00pm  Xave and Jasper Brown
8:30pm . Suzie Kettle
8:40pm . Steve Hammond
9:00pm Hannah Walker
9:20pm  Jay Cook and Triska
9:45pm  Dave Rastrick Looping
10:30pm  Jacksonii

Jay Cook and Trista
will do cut back versions of two recent original jazz flavoured pop compositions and one soft rocker on acoustic guitar and bass.

Jacksonii are a newly formed Alt Rock trio brought together by their love of music, life and everything green. With Denmark royalty on the drums – Mr Jack Harrison, Ms Izabela Margio on bass, plus blow in and reluctant frontman Mr Matthew Cull on guitars/vocals they aim to bring you a sound as wide and powerful as the tingle trees they borrow their name from

Suzie Kettle says …LOVe BeINg EvEr PREsENt … see her ‘live’.

Par excellence looping with Dave Rastrick, and meaningful songs with Steve Hammond, Xave and Jasper Brown. David Rastrick has returned from an Australian tour with a new solo show.
If you like a mix of jazz, reggae, soul and acoustic, you might just enjoy David’s solo sound. David’s show incorporates trumpet, vocals, and live looping of guitar and electric cajún (plus electric upright bass if there’s space and time to set it up) to build a band sound. David will be playing a selection off his new and tried and true songs with themes of love, form the personal to the universal.