Denmark Arts Values

Denmark Arts strives to make the following contributions to our community, our economy, our environment, our young people and our artists:

  •  Promote community health and wellbeing through involvement and interaction with the arts.
  • Encourage stewardship of the environment through direct and artistic dialogue with our audiences.
  • Create opportunities for young people to develop some of the intangible skills they’ll need to navigate an ever-changing technological and mobile environment. Skills such as:
    • Creative thinking
    • Dynamic, innovative and disruptive problem solving
    • Presenting with confidence
    • Event management
    • Networking and partnership management
  • Contribute to Denmark’s livability and sustainability as a town through embracing and supporting creativity.
  • Mentor local artists and producing platforms for them to share their work.
  • Connect with other rural communities in artistic and meaningful ways that will help traverse the tyranny of distance and reduce the sense of geographical isolation.