Creative IMPACT : Crowdfunding for Artists

Creative Impact Great Southern (WA)

Creative IMPACT Great Southern is a project of Denmark Arts Council. Its core purpose is to support and further develop the region’s position as one of Australia’s Creative Hotspots for arts and culture.

Arts funding is increasingly scarce. If we want a vibrant culture we need to support our artists!

Let’s join together to nourish our creative and cultural life!

Creative IMPACT Great Southern gathers money from the community and redistributes it to artists, artsworkers, community artists and anyone in the community with a passion to infuse our region with creativity and culture.

In these particularly difficult times for artists – lets see what the community can do to support our vibrant creative community!


The Givers

Make a one-off donation


Sign up for a monthly recurring payment from $10 per month to the ‘sky is the limit’.

If you sign up for a yearly amount of more than $480 per year ($40 per month) you will be invited to a special annual networking event with entertainment and refreshments and we will promote your work or business through our website (Talk to us to negotiate a win win marketing plan).

Choose where your money goes.


Local Independent Artists who apply to Creative IMPACT with their own projects
Choosing this option means you will be invited to a gathering where you decide who gets the funds.

Local Artists for events at the Brave New Works Festival.

Local Artists at the Denmark Festival of Voice

Denmark Arts General Contribution to our ongoing activities.

Simply nominate where you want your money to go in the Paypal transaction when you pay below!

The Receivers

Once a year there will be a simple application round for artists to apply to. Stay tuned for more information!

All we will ask in return is to give us a simple report and some documentation of your project that we can use to promote the program and Denmark Arts.

10% of monies gathered will go towards administration costs.

Make your Donation through Paypal