Brave New Works 28

2021 Festival Program!

The Tale of Taliesin

29 & 30 October, 5.30 pm – 6.45pm @ Golden Hill Steiner School

Fifteen local bards tell the Welsh initiation story of the master bard and Druid, Taliesin. Expect to be washed with words as they shape shift and time travel, fusing their new poetry with the verses of the ancient tale. 

General Admission – $20
Concession – $15


A Bloody Good Project!

12 October – 5.30pm @ The Artshouse
14 October – 10am @ The Artshouse
19 October – 5.30pm @ The Artshouse
21 October 10am @ The Artshouse

Mural Making Residency:
22nd – 27th October, 3pm – 5pm @ The Artshouse


Workshops are $15 for 2 hours, with discounts for multiple day bookings.


Pobblebonk Workshops:

Pobblebonk Launch: 
31st October 5.30pm @ Kemsley Estate Park (Crnr Ocean Beach Road & Harlequin Street)

Come and see the final installation of pobblebonk, a sculpture created by artists Carolena Grayson and Serena McLauchlan with community input as part of brave new works 28!

Free Event

Brave New Bands

23 October, 6.00pm – 11.00pm @ Civic Centre

Would you like to dance to many live bands on one night? Brave New Bands is the show for you! As part of the Brave New Works fringe festival, David Rastrick and friends bring you a wide range of musical styles for dancing – from Latin Jazz to reggae, from funk to rock. Get on down to Denmark Civic Centre on Saturday evening 23rd of October, to feast your ears on some fresh live music – and in case we didn’t mention it twice already – to dance!

General Admission – $25
Concession – $20
Under 18 – $15


Not Just Charlie + Formidable Vegetable

29 October, 8.00pm – 10.00pm @ The Artshouse

Join Not Just Charlie + Formidable Vegetable for some Friday night fun on the final weekend of Brave New Works 28! The Artsbar will be serving drinks from 7pm with food available for purchase as well.

Tickets $20


All Souls By The River

31 October, 11am @ Berridge Park

A service in the tradition of All Souls Day to remember those who have passed. Led by Revd Sally Buckley and Eklektika choir, all are welcome to share a song, poem, or short reflection, and to scatter flowers as the Denmark Dragon Boat Club cast petals on the water.

Free Event

Artshouse Festival Club!

Evenings @ The Artshouse

Special guests TBC!

Tickets sales on the door!

Bare Bones

28 October – Saturday 30 October @ The Sanctuary

Shrine Opening hours: 
28 October: 3pm-6pm
29 October: 9am-6pm
30 October: 9am-11am

Communal Fire Ceremony :
30 October: 11am

Bare Bones is an interactive installation, shrine, collective ritual, community emergent ‘Re-membering’. An artisanal distillery of nature and the more-than-human, it invites quiet reflection, celebration and revelation of the inherent beauty of life including that which dies in us and around us. Be prepared for the mysterious and unexpected happenings.

Thursday 28th October – Saturday 30 October | The Sanctuary 

Shrine Opening hours: (FREE)
Thursday 28th ~ 3-6pm
Friday 29th ~ 9-6pm
Saturday 30th ~ 9-11am 

Communal Fire Ceremony: (FREE)
Saturday 30th ~ 11am 

More Information

Bygone – 2 Contemporary Dance Works by MoVo Dance Ensemble

30 October, 1pm @ Denmark Civic Centre

‘Memories from a Park Bench’ – A melancholic story of 3 elderly women reminiscing about their early days as dancers that explores the painful acceptance of a withering mind and body. 

(Choreography by Wendy Wright, music composition by Claudia Mackula)

‘Shady Connections’ – A unique and fun gangster piece set in the 1940s that sees the MoVo dancers competing for turf by asserting their authority through solos, duos and trios. 

 (Choreography by Wendy Wright, music by Parov Steela)

Free event

Corvus: A short screening

Tuesday 26 October, 6.00PM @ The Artshouse

BNW invites you to a short film screening and artist talk, where local film maker Kyra Sheowolf discusses her work. Corvus is a dark comedy set in the Great Southern. “Corvus” is a backwater town with a high death toll, where three odd characters- Persephone the tactless wallflower, Charlie the gun store owner, and Siobhan the charming enigma, connect under unusual circumstances. The teaser for the independent film was shot over 12-hours in 2020.

Free Event

DJ Madam Beats

30 October, 9.00pm @ The Artshouse Festival Club!

Come on down to the Artshouse festival club experience where DJ Madam Beats will be spinning tunes to get the evening started!

Tickets available on the door

Drawing Breath – A meditative life drawing experience

23 October 3pm – 6pm @ The Artshouse

A life drawing experience where you can overcome inhibition. Join Caroline Munro for a mix of guided meditation that allows for an open mind drawing experience where you can surrender the results, let go and connect with the paper and those around you.

General Admission $30, includes bliss balls, chai and some materials


Expect Delays

30 October, 10pm @ The Artshouse Festival Club

Mark Gretton and James Gentle are a local improvised downtempo experimental semi electro act. The Band consists of Mark Gretton electric drum kit, keys, vocals and James Gentle, Clarinet, random junk, synth, vocals and masses of effects.   

Tickets available on the door

Full Circle

23 October, 12.30pm @ Denmark Civic Centre

A duet between two dancers, this short piece is an exploration of beginnings and endings looping together in the space and in the body. The piece is in early development withcreation and rehearsal occurring over only a few hours.  Choreography by Rita Cobussen in collaboration with dancers, Anyes Icher and WendyWright.

Free event

Great Southern Playback Theatre

23 October, 2.30pm @ The Artshouse

Playback is improvised theatre that marries voice, movement and music to embody stories from the audience, both the ordinary and the extraordinary. We celebrate the everyday events that unite people, divide people and make up the human experience. Join us for one special performance

Free Event

Here Hear Here

31 October, 7pm @ the Scout Hall

Here Hear Here is an original accapella piece by James Gentle. The piece explores our place in this country and colonialism.

Tickets: $10


Love Lines

Open space every Friday
10am – 1pm @ Testspace
15 – 29 October

As many extended families are disconnected at this time, this project talks to the intimacy and importance of human connection and was inspired by my niece and her ideas to stay connected in lockdown. The public are invited to attend a Make and Share @ TestSpace with Gertrude WellEase creating love notes, using recycled metal coat hangers and found objects to form Love Lines through Strickland Street.

By Donation




23 October 10 am – 12 pm
30 October, 10am – 12pm

30 October 12pm, Artist talk & exhibition

31 October 12pm Artist talk & exhibition

Observe the artists in action, as they explore the connection between 3D printing, recycled maps and Dutch Clogs. 

TestSpace will host Artists David McKenzie, Jennie Newman and Liz Jack, as they create a live MâchéUp workspace over Brave New Works.

Open workspace from 10 – 12.

By Donation


The Miracle of 2 Million Migrating Shorebirds Flying 12000km to Australia

28 October, 6pm @ The Artshouse

Hear the story of the migratory birds flyway, watch the magical visual & musical representation of their journey Invisible Connections, preview the amazing Overwintering project and exhibition and hear about ways local artists may be involved. Denmark Bird Group, Green Skills and Denmark Arts.

Free Event

Movies with Meaning Fest!

29 – 31 October, various times @ Denmark Civic Centre

Friday 29 October
6.45 Doors
7pm MWM intro
Breaksea mini movie marathon ft Rob Castiglione, Matt Ward and Pia Adriana Harris
8pm Gunda

Saturday 30 October
1.00PM ‘Bygone’ Dance performance
2PM Landfill-Harmonic (free)
5PM Gunda
7PM The truffle Hunters

Sunday 31st
2PM Banksy
6PM Lady Lash (free)
7PM Sound of Metal

The Festival of Movies with Meaning 2021 provides three days of festival entertainment suitable for a wide range of audiences.


Our Climate Story with Rod Mitchell

22 October, 3.30pm @ Tea House Books
31 October, 10.30pm @ Tea House Books

A warm-hearted telling of how humanity has got into a serious pickle with our climate. How did we get here? And how do we get out of it? Join Rod Mitchell as he weaves in threads of story from the audience to make it “our story” and conclude by tapping into our collective genius to generate hope and inspiration together.

Free event

Rainbow Coast Collective Queer Exhibition

22 – 31 October @ Denmark CRC Gallery

Gallery opening 23 October 3pm

Join local queer artists from the Great Southern as they showcase their works across a number of different mediums

By Donation

Regional Arts Hubs Network Gathering

6.30 – 8.30pm Tuesday October 26th @ the Arts House

Denmark Arts Council is excited to be part of the Regional Arts Hubs Network in the Great Southern. We are working together towards a more connected arts sector in Regional WA, supporting local artists and arts workers.

Please come along for a chat, some shared creative thinking, and stay on for a drink at the Arts House BNW28 Festival Club.

Free Event

Robert Zielinski in Concert

23 October, 1pm @ Denmark Civic Centre

 Robert Zielinski is a violin maker, composer and performer. We welcome him back to the festival to perform an all original programme inspired by the South West.  He will perform on a violin and a viola he made from 80 year old wood sourced in Italy.

General Admission $15
Concession $10

Second gig at festival close at the Artshouse with sweet water! (ticketed separately)


Soul Harvest Sunset Sessions

Local artists Courtenay Stickels & Adam Grok harness their love of music, nature and spiritual & emotional well being to create an evocative soundscape of intimate soulful music that will be sure to stir the spirit and senses. Vocally powerful, melodically soothing and rhythmically centred, Soul Harvest is a fresh new local act born to nurture ones nature.

Tickets on sale
General Admission $12.50
Concession $10


Storytelling and Song with Holly Brown

23rd October, 11am – Free
24th October, 5pm – Ticketed

Join Holly for this 75 minute offering as she shares her divine voice, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the Ancient Indian harmonium. During this evening she will share with you the stories of some of the many Gods & Goddesses that form the teachings of the Hindu traditions. Serenading you with her voice as you sit back, relax & receive these state altering mantras received in their traditional origin of Sanskrit. We encourage you to create your own experience with optional toe tapping, hand clapping & sing- a- longs.

General Admission – $10


Sweet Water

Born deep in the well of the earth, Sweet Water is a musical project inspired by a thirst for the flow of good water and the connection to land, life & love. Exploring the edge of Blues & Roots sounds with organic songs ignited by driving rhythm, flowing guitar, droning Bass & Didjeridoo, Euphoric trumpet lines & soothing vocals.

31 October 8pm @ The Artshouse

Tickets on sale now!


Tafe A Go Go

October 27, 6pm @ the Artshouse

Giving local crew a place to make a racket for over 20 years, Denmark TAFE music is stoked and super-keen to be a part of the festival.  Students will be presenting short musical sets.  Projects are still fermenting as this short bio goes to press.  Some students will be doing their first public gig, others will be presenting original works for the first time.  Come on down.

By Donation

The Mad Gentle Loopers

October 25, 5.30pm @ The Artshouse

Ruth Maddern, James Gentle, Eliza Gentle, Jules Gentle and Ada Gentle are The Mad Gentle Loopers. With many years between them as performers and workshop facilitstors this musical and creative family have been exploring free improvisation with a vocal looper. Ada is the only member of this collective who has not performed at BNW but that won’t stop her

Tickets on sale now!