Brave New Works #24

BNW #24 Reviews

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

"Carmichael, a veteran in regional community contemporary dance projects, has an acute and profound knowledge of her context. From her spoken introduction describing how to watch the work, to the detail and precision executed by her team of dancers, Carmichael’s command of the form was palpable in this season. There was a clarity of intention in the unified ensemble, showcasing individual artistry, but ultimately harnessing the strength, trust and power of one community of men through her vision."  See the full review here.


•Brave New Works 24 Festival in a 5 minute film by Michael Hemmings:


Download the BNW #24 program here or view the program below:


BNW #24 - 2-5 November 2017

The Beauty Index

Photo by Nic Duncan

Beyond fear and terror there is beauty.  The Beauty Index is a visceral feast of strength, vulnerability and visual poetry created with Great Southern men by award winning choreographer Annette Carmichael.  Original music by James Gentle transforms the space as movement, lighting and design carve an industrial landscape.

• Thursday 2 Nov 7.30pm, Friday 3 Nov 7.30pm, Saturday 4 Nov 7.30pm
• Outdoor a secret location.
• Adults $30, Concession $25, Under 18 years $15, Under 6 years free

Free shuttle bus from 6.30pm, departs every 20 mins from Denmark CRC verandah (cnr North & Strickland Streets). 
• Door sales (if available) will only be able to be purchased at the Shuttle Bus.
• Onsite parking: $5 per car. Must be pre-booked. Maximum 40 spaces only. Directions to site provided with tickets

Website Link:

Event: 52 Hertz

Photo by Rude Girl Creative

This is the story of people just like you and me; people who are connected, people who are separated by a mere six degrees, people who are sometimes alone, sometimes lonely and sometimes not. These people long for connection, to themselves, to each other and to a lone whale singing out across the deep blue.

2pm Saturday 4 November, 7pm Sunday 5 November @ Denmark Civic Centre
Adults $20, Concession $15

• More info: 52 HERTZ

A Place Not To Stray

In a small Australian town, Marsh, Teddy, Poe and Ollie make an unlikely ring of mates. Marsh, a leader, Teddy, headstrong and righteous, Poe, not much at all and Ollie, the town’s black sheep. Four of them go camping, in the early days of one summer and when only three of them return, they begin turning on themselves, each asking the other “Who’s to blame?”

Thursday 2nd November @ 7pm Denmark Civic Centre
Adults $15, Concession $10


• Website Link:
• Written and Directed by Southern Edge Art’s emerging playwright Sam Kemp, A Place Not To Stray is a contemporary drama exploring judgment, friendship and loyalties.


Get your Game on! Never before seen computer games!
Three big screens! Are you ready for it?
Created by local young programmers at “Denmark Coder Dojo”
Lets Play!
• At the Artshouse, 2A Strickland Street
• $2 for three plays if you’ve got the skills.
• 10am till 3pm Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 November at Artshouse


Waste Not Want Not

Photo by Michael Hemmings

'Wilful waste makes woeful want'.

Waste Not Want Not  is a project that aims to

 RE      purpose    use      cycle        design    cover

 RE      create    direct     imagine      new waste and other textiles from landfill and raise awareness of the ecological impact of fast fashion.

The artists use and share age old traditional loom and hand making skills that lead to aesthetically pleasing and sometimes surprising outcomes.

• Studio open 10 am - 3 pm Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November at the Artshouse, 2A Strickland St

Contact: Hilary 0409485544 or Rinske 0420330466


New Wonders of the Southern Land

Photo by Tanielle Sherwood

The Denmark music students for a day.
Go on.  Be brave.
It might be original tunes being played in front of people for the first time.
It might be hitting the stage solo for the first time.
The  TAFE music students’ present to you, is them being present.
Your present to them, is your presence
• 10am to 3pm Thursday 2 November outside the Chilli Lime Salt Café, 39 Strickland Street
• Live and original music, sumptuous coffee, cakes and eats




Youth Festival Club

Youth Festival Club 6pm-9pm Friday 3 November
FREE EVENT at Artshouse, Denmark Arts new home, 2 Strickland Street
Yummy food and drinks available at the venue from Café des Monika of Chilli Lime Salt

Featuring: Paradox, Sabrina & Jules Ives, Julian Anderson, Diggin The Jig, Mei & Maya, Clay Western, Anubis & thumping dance beats by DJ Alec who is influenced from old dub, dnb, future bass and vaporwave, he creates unforgettable dance sets • MC Luka Milbourne

• Drug and Alcohol Free Event

Festival Club

Photo by Olly Watkins

ACCOUSTA FIESTAFriday 3 November 9pm-late

FREE EVENT at Artshouse, Denmark Arts new home, 2 Strickland Street

Featuring: Los Car Keys, the high-fiving-world-fun-crew from Denmark are the new kids on the block, albeit in well-worn bodies! Lead vocals and rockin moves Pete Usher, PeterKeelan burning his lips on pan pipes and flutes, Barry Heydenrych flailing fingers on guitar, charango and stomp box, Marie Limondin infuses wildly on violin with Helen Heydenrych moving and grooving with her ukulele and vocals.

Guest Artists: Reuben Smyth-Sharpe, Soundseclectic, Lena Samba Funksters, Gareth & Liz Travel Slideshow and the thumping dance grooves of DJ Green Spool • MC Gertrude

BIG DANCE PARTY • Saturday 4 November 8pm-late

FREE EVENT at Artshouse, Denmark Arts new home, 2 Strickland Street

Featuring: Allison Labs is chanteuse/songwriter Sarah Turvey, and electronic multi-instrumentalist Jeremy von Kobra. Hailing from different hemispheres and radically different musical traditions, Jeremy’s krautrock influenced compositions experiment with electronic instrumentation, beats and drones and Sarah’s English folk roots infuse them with a macabre playfulness. Allison Labs’ ultra-cool electropunk. Influenced by Bowie, David Lynch, Kraftwerk and Steeleye Span - Allison Labs will make you shake, they’ll make you dance, they’ll feed your head - heck, they’ll even iron your pants!

Wait… there’s more: DJ Alec, Jas of the Long Grass, Kerry Leahy, Gareth Anderson and his Motley Crew, Philip Light, Jay Pee surprises!!, Gertrude Wellease and The Beauty Index partygoers!
• More info: BIG DANCE PARTY

FINALE CELEBRATIONSunday 5 November 8pm-late

FREE EVENT at Artshouse, Denmark Arts new home, 2 Strickland Street

Featuring: Myles Mitchell & The Hot Mama Band and The Sneeches are Denmark’s own musical treat. Blown metal wooden felt beats at your feet. Gypsy calipsy latinous mooves. Yes better pack your dancing shoes.The Sneeches are: Bruce Anthony (tenor sax), Caroline Blumer (silver flute) , Tom Tree Beard (triangle), John Davey (bass clarinet), James Gentle (tuba), Ollie Watkins (drum kit)
• With: The Sneeches, Nari Lees, Lapita Joy and DJ Alec • MC Garerth

Act Belong Commit Local Made Film Festival

Come and join us on the red carpet
8pm-9.30pm Thursday 2 November at Artshouse 2A Strickland Street
Yummy food and drinks available at the venue from Café des Monika of Chilli Lime Salt
• Welcome music by Christina Cairns
Featuring local filmmakers Craig Carter, Tessa Moncrieff, Rob Castiglione, Peter Keelan, Tony Docherty, Simon Neville



Parenting is a cacophony of extremes from such love and contentment to a rather uncomfortable sense of frustration and maybe even on occasion, waves of feeling completely over-whelmed. Waterways is navigating this contrast through the medium of film and dance, casting a glimpse into the shifting moods and sensitivities of a family’s migration together, echoed in the tidal journey of Denmark waters.

7pm Friday 3 November, 11am & 7pm  Saturday 4 November, 11am Sunday 5 November at the Butter Factory Studios, 10-12 Mount Shadforth Rd
• Adults $10, Concession $5
• BUY Tickets at the door. FAMILY FRIENDLY
More info: WATERWAYS

• Website:

Parade For More Parades

Community Festival Parade • Everyone Welcome To Join In

Who doesn’t love a parade.

Photo by Peter Keelan

We don’t have enough. Once a year. Na
What do we want? More parades
When do we want them? Now

How to be a part of the parade: Join in with a band, bring a shaker (plastic bottle filled with rice), a costume, silly hat, or just walk with us and enjoy the show. Yep! just a stroll down Strickland street.

Featuring: The Sneeches, Myles Mitchel and friends, Junk Funktion, Frock In Frock Out with Gertrude Wellease, Philip Light, Gareth Anderson and his Motley Crew, Zakoaira with his Parkour Crew, Sew Cool upcycled Tip Shop fashion, Surprise Samba Funksters and more. Some costumes and instruments available so arrive early and get a little crazy.

Assemble at Palm Court 10.30am Saturday 3 November
Parade starts 11am towards Fig Tree Square


Butter Factory Artists Exhibition

  • Nine artists of the Butter Factory Studios cooperative unravel the creative process, working with themes of growth and extension, to present the mixed-media exhibition 'Unfolding.'
  • Nari Lees dance and film performance, Waterways, adds a further dimension to this celebration of creative regeneration.
  • Michael Hemmings Eye To Eye. If two people look into each others eyes it’s like turning up the intensity button on that connection. Come see, try, experience.

• 10am to 4pm daily at The Butter Factory, next door to Mrs Jones Cafe
• An exhibition by Butter Factory Artists plus a selection of artworks by Art Taster Students from Denmark TAFE

Artist Conversations

Join in with the conversation, moderated by Nicole Hodgson, about how and why art is

made…what is it that ignites an ‘idea’ to the point where it has to be explored, produced and presented? Meet dynamic local director and producer of 52 Hertz Terence Smith and dramaturg Jess Moyle; Karen Andersson who is a local activist involved with environmental issues and Sam Kemp, writer of A Place Not To Stray.

At the end of the ‘on stage’ questions the audience will be invited to join in a Q & A session with these artists.
• 3pm-4.30pm  Sunday 5 November at Arthouse, 2A Stickland Street.

Sand Script

Artist: John Davey

Were those words always in the sand, how did they get there?

Combine technology, a tip-shop trolley, sand, cardboard, hot glue, and toy servos to produce a push along printer that writes poetry in large sandy letters.
Look for poetry written around town over the weekend.
John, the artist and inventor, loves the non-permanent nature of the work, along with the quirky juxtaposition of ancient sand and the digital dot matrix text.
If you see him and have a lyric or verse, ask him to ‘publish’ it for you…

Change In A Flash (mob)

WA will ban plastic shopping bags in July 2018 however as some of us will use up to 150 plastic bags before then you can stand and sing to inspire others to Break The Bag Habit sooner.
With our own version of Tim Minchin's "Canvas Bags" we will perform a flash mob at Denmark's Supa IGA
• 10am Saturday 4 November inside the Super IGA, cnr Strickland St & Mount Shadforth Rd
• If you would like to be involved look out for the announcement of a rehearsal on or contact Karen Andersson 0476 205 155 for further details

Eye To Eye

How often do we really look at each other?
There is a movement world wide to experiment with making sustained eye contact as a way to overcome our sense of disconnection with the people around us.
If two people look into each others eyes it’s like turning up the intensity button on that connection.
You’re encouraged to allow yourself to be seen & calmly look into the eyes of the other person in front of you.
When you create a safe environment of acceptance and love, the other will feel connected and you find you want to hug the other person or talk about things that really matter to you.

Bring a friend?
• 11am to 3pm Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 November

Brave Journey Of All Souls

Photo by Michael Hemmings

For the tenth year, a simple service in the tradition of All Souls Day will be held by the river, bringing the community together to remember those who have passed, and to share the ongoing journey of life. Led by Revd. Sue Lodge-Calvert and Eklektika choir, all are welcome to share simple poems or reflections. All are invited to scatter flowers on the water, while the Denmark Dragon Boat Club casts petals as they glide past.

• 11am Sunday November 5 in Berridge Park at the gazebo near the bridge

Return To Movement

An Introductory Dance Workshop in Somatic Dance practice’s
Open Source Forms & Skinner Release Technique, with Certified facilitator Fiona Enright Mouchemore
We are all born dancers
A directed and explorative movement workshop
Using beautiful images to enhance our movement, we can let go of tension and find true alignment.
An experiential class where transformation is possible
Partner work within a supportive structure
For movers & artists of all levels & gender 16 years & onwards.
Participating in both classes of the workshop will allow for a deeper experience of the work. The classes are sequential, but can also stand alone.

• 2-4pm Sat 4th November and Sun 5th November at Steiner School Hall
• $24 one session, $40 for two…pay at the door.
• Bookings and further information:  Fiona 0431 984 470

The Chamber Of Blessings

Photo by Nic Duncan

Watch out for the Chamber of Blessings, popping up in an old spot news agency and building a Brave New World
The old Spot Newsagency at 39 Strickland Street, next to Chilli Lime Salt Cafe

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