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Next Market Date: April 4, 2015

First established in 1981 the Denmark Arts Markets have become a showcase for Denmark's craftspeople, entertainers and arts community. Held only four times a year it now attracts a great array of stalls and provides free entertainment to over 12,000 visitors each year. The over 100 stalls are an essential part of the Market Day, with handcrafted and innovative designs encouraged. There are also fresh produce, hot food, coffee, teas, ice cream and information stalls. 

The Denmark Arts Markets are held on the banks of the Denmark River in Berridge Park from 10am - 4pm.

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sandscupture with tim
Sandsculpture, for the first time at the Denmark Arts Markets on 4 April by
Shani Graham and Tim Darby. Watch as a new masterpiece is carved before your eyes...

Hot from Nannup Festival...

Kallidad is a three piece fiesta party band from Sydney, Australia. No matter how we try to describe our music, people always say the same thing "I wasn't expecting that!"... so we've stopped trying to explain it, and just let our live show do the talking.

They began in 2009, and quickly forged a unique sound. Noise complaints from neighbours drove the trio to begin busking, which almost immediately led to a rawer, simpler and more rhythmic sound, and quickly resulted in invitations to perform all over Sydney.

The line up is two Spanish guitars and a box drum- but don't let the lightweight set up fool you. Kallidad can rock a crowd from top to bottom, as displayed on their tours to Indonesia, Byron Bay and Melbourne, and 2013's formative one month European tour, covering the capital cities of the Western countries of Europe.

"Kallidad is proudly independent and we simply love being in a band and playing music that we love! We work our hardest and love the journey."

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MC Gertrude Wellease

9.15 am Yoga with Nari

10.00 am Blind George

10.30 am Leanna Shoveller

11.00 am Pete Usher and The Global Pandemic

12.00 am Candice McLeod

12.30 pm Obsessive, Compulsive, Disorder

1.00 pm Pirateman Michael

1.30 pm Kallidad

3.00 pm Rastatrix




Please be advised that it is a requirement that all stall holders must have their own Insurance cover.  Further information about this is in the Markets Policy and Regulations.



Markets Application Form 2014/2015

Markets Policy and Regulations

Denmark Arts Membership form 2014/15

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Denmark Arts Markets Stage is presented by Act Belong Commit.

We also thank local sponsors, The Denmark Bakery, Carters Real Estate, Bankwest and Soil Solutions (Denmark Depot) for their contribution towards the entertainment.

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