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• Honoring Andy Ducker...and how to do this?

Andre Steyl and Matt Yates....

How to celebrate a Quarter of a Century of Brave New Works Festivals? To recognise and honour those who have put so much into this wondrous community arts festival and the Denmark community....Joe Williams, Paul Doquile, Jo Smith, Andy Ducker, Andre Steyl, Sahyma, Dwayne Peppin, Fatt Matt Yates, Gemma Pepper, Marlene O'Dea (and The Mothers!!), Nadine Lapthrne, Jennie Newman, Artha Holmes, James Gentle, Bernie and Margot Low, Giri Mazzella, Colin Reeves, Robin Thomson, Andy Brown, Dave Nile, Dave Rastrick, Jude Iddison, Sue Cunningham, Donald Clarke.....errrrr.....Sundiata Marimba Ensemble....aaaaahhh.....Archipelago.....(please add own name here with indelible ink!)

Any ideas? Please contact me (Peter Keelan) at

Dwayne Peppin (Chicken), ? (MC)

Paul Doquile, Dave McKenzie, John Davey, Mr Unknown Name(?)

And now...1,2,3 and 4 November 2018 we celebrate The Big QC, a quarter of a century of Brave New Works Festivals....and all those who have been involved since inception, the NOW and the NEW, the future. Any ideas, email Peter Keelan at

•Brave New Works 24 Festival in a 5 minute film by Michael Hemmings:

For full size prints contact Nic Duncan 0417 925 433

The program from the 2-5 November 2017 Festival: Brave New Works #24

Brave New Works Archive

DATES: BNW25  1-4 November 2018

               BNW26 is 31 Oct-3 November 2019